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30 Days of Summer Break Doctor Who: Day 20

What’s your favorite “guest appearance” by someone from history?

I would have to say that my favorite historical person to appear on Doctor Who so far is Vincent Van Gogh. I can relate to him more than any previous “guest appearance.” I am an artist, a painter who has barely made any money from my work but refuses to cast it aside for what some people may think are better professions. I’ve been an artist for almost all my life. I honestly can’t see any other career path that fits me more. Art isn’t just a hobby for me it’s who I am. I think Van Gogh felt the same way as I do.

Another aspect to this episode about Van Gogh is how he could see something that no one else, not even the Doctor, could. This little fact made sense for an eccentric man who painted the world in a way that no one before him thought of. I also loved how this put the Doctor in a new and odd position. Maybe Vincent was crazy, maybe it was all the chemicals he came in contact with, or maybe he was a special individual. What I do know is this: Vincent and the Doctor gave me a whole new reason to respect Van Gogh as a fellow artist and as a person.

My favorite as well. He made me cry, but I was happy for him. ;A;

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    This episode is so sad! :( and really cute :’) ♥
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    My favorite as well. He made me cry, but I was happy for him. ;A;
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    I loved that sky…
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    Favorite Doctor Who episode.
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    Bottom center gif. I almost cried. Heart is breaking.
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